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VAMPIRE Profile - Eve Masten

Name: Eve Masten
Nickname(s)/Alias(es): None
Species: Vampire
Age: Appears 21, actually 26.
Gender: Female
Birthdate: May 2
Zodiac Sign: Taurus

Housing Situation: Generally with a human roommate. Soon to be moving into an apartment with Lex.
Occupation: Professional violinist, painter, and composer. Currently an intern curator at the Met.
Hobbies: Reading, playing other string instruments, visiting art galleries.
Skills: Highly talented with anything related to the arts.
Shortcomings: Stubborn, emotional, clinging to humanity.
Relationships: Has a mother and younger brother in San Francisco. Also had a boyfriend of two years, Mikael. She is still close with her Sire, Sigmund.
History: Eve Masten was just another very talented violinist at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music until her academic adviser and conductor, Sigmund, chose her to become his Toreador childe among the Camarillan Kindred. Life was mostly a whirlwind afterward. She spent most of her time creating new art pieces and learning her new disciplines. She ultimately decided to end her two year long relationship with a mortal, Mikael, by using her new powers to erase her from his memory a few months after her embrace. She has not been able to bring herself to do the same thing to her mother and younger brother - for one thing, she's not capable yet and for another she has a problem with clinging to her humanity and past. Sigmund is a Primogen of the San Francisco Camarillian Prince and she has been blossoming as a favorite in the clan. She has gained world-wide renown for her art work and musical compositions. She has moved to New York to be a liaison for the Prince in the growing battle against the Anarchs and to begin severing family ties.

Face: Long and slender, with a thin, straight nose. Dark, slender eyebrows. Full lips. Classic feautres. Undeniably beautiful.
Hair: Long, straight, black hair that ends below her shoulder blades. No bangs; usually parted down the middle.
Eyes: Dark, almond shaped - large and haunting.
Build: Slender with a slightly small bust. She is long and lean, but healthy.
Markings/Tattoos: One on the middle of her upper back. It's a large sun with a crescent moon and star within it. (Drawn here.)
Other Features: Nicely manicured nails.
Typical Attire: Tends to wear black or dark colors. Form fitting styles. Always in-tune to the current fashions.
Image Sample: http://www.cigamerisedi.com/skratch/eve.gif

Likes: Music, art, good food, and humans.
Dislikes: Nosferatu, Anarchs, Sabbats, and Poseurs.
Strengths: Loyal, determined, curious, eager to learn and obedient.
Flaws: Her obedience and loyalty can blind her and make her too focused on one-track.
Fears: Her past (what her life could have been with Mikael, what life will be like without her mother/brother), destruction of the Masquerade - she's thrown herself into the study of the rules and has devoted her afterlife to complying with those rules.
Aspirations/Goals: To rise in the ranks of the Kindred and better unite the Camarilla.

Favourite Colour: Black
Favourite Foods: Blood, dark chocolate, cheese.
Hates Foods: Lima beans, peanut butter, hot dogs.
Quirks: Will push her hair behind her ears as a nervous habit, acts very human still - breathes without thinking about it even though most drop that habit quickly.
Favourite Belonging: A necklace from her mother and a ring from Mikael.

Class: Camarilla. A great sect formed in the Middle Ages to counteract the Inquisition by forming a Masquerade where they would live secretly and quietly among humans. A vampire "United Nations" of sorts, containing six separate clans.
Clan: Toreador. A clan of elegant, passionate vampires who patronize artists, musicians, actors and the like. She is a true Artiste, not a Poseur.
Sire: Sigmund. Primogen to the San Francisco Prince.
Enemies: Any Kindred in the Sabbat (Social Darwinists) or the Anarchs (um, Anarchists :p).
Powers: (the underlined are the disciplines, the italics are the powers known within them)
Auspex - This discipline pretty much speaks for itself. It lets you sense things that you wouldn’t normally sense, from obfuscated vampires to the thoughts of others. Most Kindred fortunate enough to possess this power find it exceptionally useful not only in night-to-night survival, but also in appreciating the beauty of their surroundings. The Toreador, in particular, delight in this last aspect.
Heightened Senses
This Discipline can intensify any sense, but only one sense can be magnigied at any time.
Aura Perception
A Kindred with Aura Perception has honed her senses to such a degree that she can perceive and interpret auras.
Spirit's Touch
Ability to sense the residual energies and impressions remaining on an object after it has been handled or touched.
Currently learning:
Preternatural senses have been honed to such a degree that she can actually receive and transmit thoughts.

Presence - It has the most wonderful effect of letting the vampire get on with their enemies as it they were their best buddies. They can’t bring themselves to be impolite to them, much less attack them, and if they ever get tired of them, one glance and they’re running for the hills. Particularly among mortals, Kindred possessing the Discipline are often seen as being magnetic or having an intangible quality that draws people to them. While Dominate controls the logical and conscious mind, Presence appeals to the emotions of the subject. Unlike Dominate, however, Presence can affect Kindred of lower generation. Presence can be seen as sort of a supernatural magnitude of charisma, personality and appeal.
Dread Gaze
She is able to inject others with feelings of terror and fear by looking into their eyes.
This Discipline describes her ability to attract, sway and control others.
Currently learning:
To enhance the above and,
She can demand the immediate appearance of a person known to her, and he will come.

Celerity - This power rflects the Kindred's mastery of her form in the areas of speed and quickness.
She possess a supernatural degree of speed and coordination that outstrips both normal mortals and her fellow Kindred.
She can move with a shocking degree of speed. To a character using Swiftness, slower foes and bystanders often appear to be standing still.
Currently learning:
With time and experience, she is beginning to outstrip the fledging power of Swiftness. What was once merely dazzling speed is now a mindnumbing blur of motion. In a moments's notice, she will be able to burst into a whirlwind of destruction, crippling if not slaying, a slower opponent.

Weaknesses: Art and beauty can literally stop a Toreador in their tracks. If not kept in check, a Toreador's appreciation can turn into obsession and they can enter a trance-like state, unable to move for hours, days, or even years. The clan is known to many to be filled with pleasure-seeking hedonists. Eve is a very mild member of these traits, but she does have her moments where she can get very caught up in the material for the sake of the immaterial. Her high level of humanity makes her a torn being; confused and lost in her existence at times. She has also recently left the safety of her Sire's haven in San Francisco where she had her own district and is trying to make it on her own in our faux New York City, which is difficult for a neonate of her young age. NYC is also known for many clan rivalries, so she'll have a hard time trying to stake a claim. Also, obviously using any of her powers causes her to use up the blood she has. So if she hasn't fed recently or enough, she won't be able to perform her skills.
Clan Symbol: Thorned Rose

FYI Eve was created years ago using the information from White Wolf's Vampire: The Masquerade. No other vampire in this game is expected or required to follow the same rules, but curious parties may find the following websites helpful:

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