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Eve and Lex Meet

Eve answers an ad for a roommate and meets Lex.

Eve traces a thin finger beneath the apartment address, smudging newsprint against her skin while she rereads the type - this is the place. The metal numbers stare at her while she hesitates. Is she really going to do this again? Throw herself into another impossible situation with another innocent roommate. Play the charade, pretend she's still alive? It's been five years.. she really needs to get on with her.. well.. "life". But, what the hell. It's only a viewing. She's not obligated to take it, she tells herself, before tucking the paper clipping into her black peacoat pocket and knocking on the door.

Silence. After several long seconds, the faint sound of a commotion makes it through the door - it sounds like something's been knocked over, and is immediately followed by a muffled curse. A female voice calls out "JUST A MINUTE!," stress evident in her tone.

Eve blinks at the racket before breaking a slight smile. Well, this one sounds lively. "Sure.. no problem," she calls back, pushing a strand of her long black hair behind her ear.
After another minute, the door finally swings open, revealing a young woman who looks to be around Eve's age. It's clear she just threw on some clothes, and her brown hair is rather toussled. She peers at Eve for a moment. "You're here about the room, I presume? I thought we agreed on eight?"

Eve pauses a moment before lifting up her right hand to check her watch, "Uh.. yeah.. it is eight?" she replies, almost sounding apologetic for being on time. She's a slender, slight form with an unassuming but haunting look in her large dark eyes. She appears to be at least 21.

The woman in the doorway stares at her for another moment, as if to say "Is that so?," and then breaks into a wide grin. "Well. My bad. I'm Lex Leicester. Nice to meet ya." She punctuates this sentence by, of course, sticking out her right hand.

Eve returns to the smile and takes your hand gently in her own, which is noticeably cold. "Eve Masten. Pleasure's mine." After releasing your hand she stands patiently at the threshold, waiting.

Lex cocks her head slightly for a moment, as though she's just remembered something, but she quickly steps back and gestures. "Come in, come in. Sorry for the look.. Er, me and the place. I just got back from a business trip overseas, and I haven't readjusted yet, I guess. I'm absolutely shocked that it's eight PM. Scandalized, even."

Eve steps forward with the invite and glances curiously around the apartment, grinning in amusement at your last comment, "Really, don't apologize. I understand completely. Do you travel a lot?" She begins unbuttoning her coat and shrugs it off her shoulders to hold folded casually across one arm. She's wearing a simple outfit of black slacks and a dark sweater, but she still looks well put together. Manicured almost, but not in a pretentious way.

Lex nods, standing with her hands on her hips and letting Eve get a look at the living room. Wearing a white tank and sweatpants, she couldn't contrast more with Eve's elegance. "All the time," she confirms, a bit of her grin creeping back onto her face. "Well, pretty often, anyway. So you get the place to yourself a lot. I don't generally use the kitchen much either, so.. I mean, I think it's a pretty sweet setup."

Eve lets out an audible "huh" of surprise. Wow.. that is a pretty sweet setup. "Well, that is convenient.." Obviously, it's not the reason she usually gets a place with humans. It's often like a form of punishment, surrounding herself with life and the lives they lead. But maybe this situation could be exactly the transition she needs. Or a further delay, but at least a step in the right direction. "Could I see the other rooms?"

Lex nods, leading her further into the apartment. "Sure. My room's over that-a-way," she points, though the door is only half-open, displaying what looks like the edge of a mess inside, "the bathroom's off to the side there, and the other bedroom - er, your bedroom, if you like it - is here." She finishes in front of the doorway to a smallish room, completely bare save an errant thumbtack in the wall here and there.

Eve follows you, taking stock of the place in general before walking into the room to inspect. She pays particular attention to any windows and asks quietly, "Have you had many offers?"

Lex coughs, suddenly feeling a little awkward. "Er, well.. Not too many. I've had a few people look, but.. I'm kinda picky, and it's rare for me to find someone I don't mind who doesn't mind me, either." She says this in a light-hearted manner, as though it had no other meaning. Before Eve has a chance to respond, she continues quickly, "The neighbourhood's real nice, safe. Pretty quiet, really. Pretty easy tp get in and out without disturbing anyone, and there's no security cameras outside or anything." Why she would feel the need to include this last tidbit of information is anyone's guess, but she's watching Eve closely, trying to gauge her feelings on the place.

Eve keeps her back to you, watching outside the window as she takes all of that in. She finds it hard to believe that Lex's gregarious personality is so picky, she has seemed more than friendly to her. There must be more Lex than her outward appearance. But the last part catches Eve more than the first. "That so?" she says before turning. "Well, you've more than sold the place for me. I'd like to put in a bid." Curious. Eve's eyes seem to be taking Lex in much more carefully now.

Lex smiles broadly at that, a genuine smile which should be warm, but there's a touch of a feral glint to it. Something indescribable, but distinctly predatory. "Fabulous! I'm not much one for protocol, so I'm not going to keep you waiting for everything to get formalized. If you want it, it's yours, 's far as I'm concerned. When ya movin' in?" She looked thrilled.

This night is full of surprises. Eve looks a little taken aback by your reaction to her interest, but can't help smiling faintly in return. "Well.. earliest I could move would probably be this weekend. I don't have much, but I'm usually working, so.. yeah. This weekend."

"Perfect," Lex replied cheerfully. "It'll give me time to get over my jetlag so I can help." She pointedly avoids the obvious, refraining from inquiring into Eve's line of work. If she were to do that, Eve might ask her about her own business, and Lex hated lying to people right after meeting them.

Eve stands in silence for a moment, letting the unspoken something hang for second before she moves to pull on her jacket, "That really won't be necessary, but I appreciate it. I'll try not to be a bother, it should only take me a day to get everything settled." She buttons up her coat and asks, "Will Friday, around 8, be alright?"

Lex doesn't even blink. If she thinks it is odd that someone should move in at eight o'clock at night, she doesn't show it. Instead, she merely nods politely. "Works for me. I'll have all the paperwork and stuff ready for you. And your keys, of course."

Eve slips her hands into her coat pockets and spreads a thin smile, "Great." After a pause she finishes with, "Thank you." before heading towards the living room. "I'll see you then." she says, moving towards the door. "It was nice to meet you, Lex Leicester."

Lex sees her out, getting the door for her. Despite Eve's trepidition, Lex seems utterly calm, as though they've known each other for years. "You too, Eve.. Er.. Masden, was it?"

Eve glances up on her way out and smiles, "Masten. See you Friday." And she slips out, down the hall like a shadow in her dark clothes and already lost in her thoughts.

Lex closes the door behind her, smiling to herself, very pleased that things went well. 'Til Friday, then.

[Lemme know if I need to post these differently, Kai!]
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